Who Is a Conservative?
Conservatism in America
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Mar, 14, 2010

“I have always been against abortion; it’s not possible for me in my own concept of Christ to believe that Jesus would favor abortion.” If this were the only criteria to be considered a conservative, then the person who spoke those words should be a likely candidate. He is a born again Christian, a Sunday school teacher and a true believer. None of the above, however, makes Jimmy Carter a conservative. Unlike Islam, Christianity is a philosophy of life, but it is not also a philosophy of government.

I have often wondered about the so-called Conservative Base of the Republican Party. Could it be that they are single-issue voters interested only in abortion? I am opposed to abortion and the Federal Government’s involvement. Let’s assume, however, that Hillary would suddenly announce that she will be running for the Presidency in 2012, and that God talked to her and that she is now pro-life and Reverend Jackson assured us that she means it and has become a fundamental Christian by joining the most fundamental of churches. Should a Republican candidate for President who agrees that abortions be allowed if the mothers life is in danger or if the child is to be born monstrously handicapped – who would you vote for? Search your soul and answer that question and you will know if you are a single-issue voter, but it won’t determine whether you are a conservative.

Which brings me to the issue: who is a conservative? This is not an easy subject and nobody has really been able to answer it because it is a moving, evolving target hard to define. At best one can make a snapshot of today’s conservative ideas because they will not be the same in the next generation. This is one of the determining factors of being a conservative. We change with the times, adapt to conditions.

The communists, the socialists, the liberals, starting with Marx, have a fundamental faith that in a truly socialist society there will be no conflicts or contradictions. By taking from those who have and giving to the have-nots all further conflicts would be resolved. Any ideology that promises that once it succeeds there would be no more problems and no more inequality of any kind is utopian and cannot be conservative.

We see a “Cost to Benefit” world and a “Give and Take” world and a “Life is not Fair” world. Liberals seem not to understand economics, because it is based on competition and profits, rather than the lack of it in the socialist world. They loathe the concept of free-market because it results in different outcomes based on competition rather than government fiat. We understand that there must be a constant give and take in this world with winners and losers. A conservative is really a bit of a cynic who sees things as they are, not as they would be under the utopian socialists. We know that “Life is not Fair.”
Unlike a socialist world, in our conservative world everybody has an opportunity to become a winner. If you are rich or have more money than most of the people, then in the socialist world you must be a crook, dishonest, or lucky in the lottery of life. In the socialist world to be rich is not allowed and fundamental measures are designed to punish you if you are successful. Our income tax system was designed on this principle directly adopted from the Communist Manifesto.

I became a conservative fighting the communists. Today’s conservatives no longer face communists who declare themselves openly, but we now have a stealth-communist enemy hiding behind numerous names and covers. Lets call them neocoms. Their beliefs don’t change, only their names. They want equality in outcome not equality of opportunity. They want a world united in socialism and the abandonment of “chauvinistic“ national pride.
If you want a united world without boundaries, how could you be a patriot? Without doubt the neocoms are not patriotic. Being a patriot does not necessarily make you a good person and patriots of different nations may hate or eventually kill each other in the name of patriotism. Conservatives are patriots because they believe that we are nation with laws and institutions designed to guarantee our individual liberties.

The neocoms believe in the United Nations and would gladly and immediately surrender our sovereignty to the UN and make us join the world community in equality rather than continue to be a “racist and imperialistic oppressor.” They believe that there should not be Third World countries, but we should all be equal, without conflict and contradictions.
In their zeal to accomplish the goal of equality they have infested our educational system poisoning the minds of the young by promising a world where there are no losers; no Fs; only As. They do not keep score in sporting events because there should not be any losers.
We conservatives do not believe that the goal of life and of a nation should be to ensure equality. The neocoms believe that equality is best accomplished if the State owns and regulates everything for the benefit of all. Big Government is deemed the answer because we as individuals have unequal abilities to cope with life and only with the guidance and assistance of the party leaders shall we accomplish our life’s goal: equality.

Generations of Soviet workers labored under inhuman conditions for substandard salaries because the State promised glorious equality in retirement that never materialized. Communism brought equality of misery, which today’s neocoms would like you to forget.
We conservatives are more or less united because we understand that life consists of conflicts and contradictions. Conservative Christians and Jews call it God’s will. Others call it the mechanism of the free market. We live with it and adjust to it.

The neocoms want to eliminate the conflicts and contradictions by making us all equal under the wise leadership of Big Government and its political elite. Without fail equality must always be enforced at the point of a bayonet by a totalitarian system.

I am sure there is more to be said about who is a conservative. If, however, your loyalty is to a single issue, abortion, at the price of abandoning all other issues, then you cannot be considered a conservative in the American political arena of ideas.

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