Visiting Professor Esac Tun: Snowden’s Espionage
Edward Snowden
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May, 13, 2014

I have not seen the Professor since last September. I used to see him at the meetings of the FSSS (Former Spooks Secret Society). He was well known as the one time the head of CAFFops (Contrarian And False Flag Operations) of an UG  (Unnamed Government). I received an urgent message from him that he needed to see me. Incidentally, Esac Tun is not his real name. He had changed names so often during his long career that he has completely forgotten his real name.

I found him sipping his usual Evian, citrus vodka, crème de fraises and lemon juice drink and he became quite agitated when he saw me. His white beard got longer, but his eyebrows were still dark.

“I am glad you came by because I have a top secret analysis for you.” After I promised that I would not tell anyone about what he would tell me, and crossed my heart, he continued quite animated:

“Do you remember that I predicted when you saw me last time, that Obama will not interfere in Syria, even as he declared that he drew a line for Assad not to cross? “

“Professor Tun, you are still amazing. You must still have some valuable assets planted in the right places.”

“Thank you for the compliment, but what I am about to tell you has far major consequences compared to Syria. It’s about Putin.”

“Great, I was about to ask you about him?”

“You know, he looks a great deal like Rasputin, but without the beard. Ukraine is not the big issue. What you should know is why Putin ignores Obama and the rest of the EU leadership.”

“Does he think they are weak amateurs?”

“No, that by itself would not let him make bold moves. The secret word is: Snowden.”

“Why Snowden is a great hero. He exposed the evils of government spying on its own citizens.”

The professor laughed and started waiving his arms.

” What if I told you that only a fraction of the documents he stole were about domestic spying? Even General Dempsey had to admit that he stole massive amount of documents about military operations, tactics, techniques and procedures.”

“I didn’t know about that.”

The professor was just getting warmed up.

“He downloaded our cyber operations and capacities against Russia and China. He got the list of all computers and secret installations that we penetrated. He stole 1.7 million documents of which only one, the Court order to Verizon to turn over phone records, involved domestic spying.”

“Are you saying that the whistleblower cover was for him to get away with plain espionage?”

The professor smiled benignly.

“Good. You seem to still have a touch of a good spook in you. Why do you think he stopped in Hong Kong and Moscow? He had the goods for them.”

“But he is such a hero in the eyes of many.”

The professor chuckled.

“You should understand why. He is a hero based on what he has told the papers and his followers, that include mostly people who despise the government for its illegal intrusion into their lives and other good reasons.”

“But why don’t we hear the rest of the story from the government about the spying?”

“They are trying to hide the damage, but it will not work for long. Putin will make sure of that.”

“How does Putin fit into all this?”

“He now knows everything about us. Our strengths, our weaknesses. Believe me there are far more weaknesses than the public is aware of. He knows what he can get away with without any fear of consequences. So do the Chinese. Have you seen them ram Vietnamese boats, fly over Japanese territory, openly take over the sea-lanes and drill for oil? The worst is yet to come. Putin and the Chinese just started.”

“Professor, you cannot blame all this on Snowden. He is not even indicted by a grand jury for any crime that he may have committed.”

“This is the best part. All of it is highly classified and those who know cannot and will not talk about it, or admit the size of the damage. This was the largest successful espionage action against this country in more than 50 years. It is so damaging and so sensitive that only a grand jury with top secret clearance could hear the case.”

Just then an attendant walked in with his medications.

“Mr. Tun it is time for your meds. I noticed you were again a naughty boy and did not take your noon meds. You know how agitated you get when you don’t take them?” With that I was told to leave before I had time to ask him how the collapse of our foreign policy would impact our lives. Perhaps on my next visit.




Branko / May 15, 2014 at 6:58 pm

Did you go to visit this men or somebody else? How is your health.. This almost sounds like you are professor Tun here..Hope you are well.
Stay in touch.

JH / May 14, 2014 at 5:53 am

Snowden is nothing but a fool, or a traitor. He is too stupid to be a hero. The question is who is going to torture him and vaporize him.

WWC / May 14, 2014 at 5:52 am

There has to be more to the story. Come’ on, come clean. Let us have it. This time don’t let the old fart do the talking.

MB / May 14, 2014 at 5:52 am

Esac Tun declaring that the Obama administration would do nothing about the Syrian regime gassing their own people – not only did Putin stand Obama down in the UN over that, history itself showed the world that the US would not even defend its own citizens on US soil, in our own embassies, in Libya. Not a great logical jump to predict that the US would not defend Syrians from their own official government. This is the government that brought us the IRS targeting Tea Party organizations, widespread spying on US citizens, the downgrading of the US military, a public timeline for withdrawal from Iraq, Benghazi, systematic extermination of veterans by the VA…the list goes on, and on, and on. To blame the lack of US response or Putin’s lack of respect for the US on secrets allegedly stolen by Snowden is ludicrous, at the very least. Similar to Obama blaming George Bush for all the economic failures of the present administration. History shows the world what to expect when the US “draws a line in the sand”. John Kerry as Secretary of State, the US ambassador to the world? Please, there are earthworms with more spine and balls than that man.

Given this adminstration’s history of misdirection, evasion, and outright lies, it is nearly impossible to give credibility to a story regarding Snowden’s alleged thefts of sensitive information when the sources for that information are Democratic sycophants of the most inept President in recent history. Of course the government wishes to discredit Snowden. And the Wall Street Journal is an excellent vehicle to do so. After all, who owes this administration more than the fat cats of Wall Street? While the rest of country’s economy stagnates and struggles, the Wall Streeters have had their bad investments paid off by the US taxpayer, are considered “too big to fail”, while the banking community revels in the availability of low to no interest money being printed and distributed by the US treasury. Personally, any news story quoting sources from the Obama administration should be considered suspect from the start.

And let’s engage in a little critical thinking, in the meantime. Where is the payoff for Mr. Snowden? What does he gain from providing the Russians and/or Chinese with sensitive US military information? A home on a tropical island? Freedom to travel the world? A beautiful woman? Wait, those are the things he GAVE UP! In order to live in Russia (lovely place, former KGB official running the show there), with a price on his head (remember Bin Laden?), under 24 hour surveillance? Wow, for a brilliant guy, sure seems pretty stupid, doesn’t it?

Perhaps Putin has cleverly convinced this brilliant young man to give up his life, his career, his freedom for…what? What can he offer that is better than what Snowden already had? Years of plastic surgery to change his appearance, a new identity under the constant supervision of the Russian state police, a life of looking over his shoulder waiting for the next assassination attempt? I don’t see the motivation here…tell me what you think it could be, other than actually trying to do the right thing.

Neither the Chinese nor the Russians really need any sensitive info to combat the US “power” in today’s world. All they have to do is read the headlines, and see what this administration is doing to the country with its downsizing of the military, destruction of the middle class, increasing taxes to drive corporations out of the country, creation of a class of communists to maintain the power of the present administration through the purchase of their votes while essentially enslaving the working class with ever increasing taxes – who the hell needs a military? All they have to do is sit back and watch our own government destroy us and itself!

So, Prof, I really don’t see your intel re Snowden as being accurate, or even timely. I’d be much more interested in intel to get us the hell out of the trap that is closing on this country from the inside. Snowden or no Snowden, Putin plans on putting the USSR back together, and the headlines of the last 5 years show him that the Obama administration will not do squat to stop him.

DW / May 14, 2014 at 5:51 am

Yrev Gnitseretni!

RM / May 14, 2014 at 5:49 am

Snowden’s escapades are getting more public , eg, very small amt of domestic espionage, huge amt of our intel into China and Russia Intel disclosed to them. See WSJ this week. Snowden’is nothing but a traitor. As an outside contractor , it is shocking that he was able to gain access to our secrets.

SB / May 14, 2014 at 5:49 am

Ahh, lots more truths, than “fiction,” and why those that are in roles of “power” want to stay in and truly believe that “all” of the American people are stupid, but it’s really only a third that are, a third that know things aren’t right, but aren’t quite sure what all is going on and the other third know or pretty figured it out, but more than half of Americans are mad as hell with this flim flam government. I am eagerly awaiting
your next visit with the Professor, if he lives much longer, because know NSA is everywhere!!!


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