Memorial Day 2015
Homeless Veteran
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May, 28, 2015

As you listen to the politicians waving the flag on Memorial Day, remember our veterans died with the belief that their nation cared and is responsible for the men and women who fight our wars and that they would receive the nation’s full support when they return. Especially when they come home with physical and mental injuries. I watched AMERICAN SNIPER last evening and was overwhelmed by the patriotism of soldiers, and ashamed for our nation. It is a disgrace and shame how we treat our combat veterans upon their return home.

Veterans die by the thousands because of the inferior and delayed care they receive from the Veterans Administration and because of the wave of suicides. If we do not have the resources to provide proper care for our veterans who come home after fighting for our freedoms, then we cannot afford to go to war. If politicians think it’s too expensive to take care of veterans, then don’t send them to war!

There were times when the sincerity behind the pledges from a grateful nation to those who served and sacrificed life, limb and mind meant something. Today when the President and Congress look at the millions of vets who have a potential claim for benefits, they see a threat to special interest projects, to the billions spent on illegal aliens, and voters looking for handouts.

We are cynical and have lost our sense of shame when we hear about the thousand of veterans living homeless on the streets and find such homelessness for troubled, traumatic and agonizing veterans acceptable.

It is a shame to listen politicians shout “God bless our troops!” Our freedom and prosperity rests on the back of those soldiers, yet we allow the President and Congress ignore their responsibility for this stain on our national honor.

It is a shame when our government considers veterans potential terrorists after they return from fighting actual terrorists.

It is shame when we allow veterans to languish in hospital waiting rooms, die while waiting for appointments, commit suicide while waiting for treatment, and compete for jobs and education against illegal aliens.

Watching the movie I realized that we must never forget and always be grateful for the sacrifice and bravery of those who act in our name as American soldiers throughout the world. It is up to us to force the politicians to live up to the trust that soldiers, dead and alive, had in their nation’s integrity, patriotism and honor.



Steve Wilhelm / May 28, 2015 at 4:20 pm


Well thought out and beautifully expressed. Thanks for sharing.

Steve Wilhelm

Guest / May 28, 2015 at 4:19 pm

If you have any answers to the question of how to make our elected officials do what we, the electorate, put them in office to do, I would love to hear them. I have reached the point at 64 years of age, after having voted in every election for over 40 years, after having participated in local political parties, after having been close to several elected officials for several years on a personal basis, after having seen year after year, the total irresponsiblity of elected officials from local to national levels, after having dealt with the state and federal beauracracies both as an individual and business owner, that I do not believe that there is ANYTHING that an individual can do to effect any meaningful change.

Dennis Sentenac / May 28, 2015 at 4:19 pm


This could not have been better said.

Thank you.

Barbara Sulak / May 28, 2015 at 4:17 pm

Very well spoken, and yes, my anger boils every time I hear these sad and unnecessary stories of pain and suffering being untreated, and I am also incensed at the deaths occurring because of crashed helicopters, planes, and other military vehicles and/or equipment because we have to realize this equipment is not being properly maintained, nor replaced, but yet we can leave multimillions of dollars of military vehicles and equipment in the Middle East for the terrorist to use to viciously murder Christians, and men, women and children who are Muslim but do not follow the beliefs of the Muslim terrorists. John Boehner was yelling about that only one person had been dismissed from the VA system. Comments don’t help, but Congressional action does…..we’ve seen nothing from the new “ruling majority” of both houses except now they are wanting another raise, and I imagine we will see them vote that in for themselves. Yes, disgrace is shining in Washington from the top down and the bottom up………maybe these are the jobs that really need to go our courageous veterans, that truly might really shake things up and, yes, bring us real true and patriotic change for our tarnished country.


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