So Spake Zarathustra the Geomancer

Category: 2009, Belief, Values

When Zarathustra arrived at the city, he saw an assembly of people gathered in a large arena listening and dancing to loud music. The crowd parted as he walked among them, observing his weird robe and remarkable shaft. Soon he stood under the bright lights on stage and the music stopped. “Speak, speak! O, Zarathustra,” […]

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Jul 15, 20153

American by Choice for 62 Years

Category: 2015, Patriotism, Values

Sixty-two years ago July 4th was on a Saturday, just as it is this year. On Friday, July 3rd 1953, I was sworn in as an American citizen at the Houston Federal Courthouse in ceremonies attended by close to a thousand people, including guests and host organizations. After the speeches and the Oath of Citizenship, […]

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Jul 6, 20153
Homeless Veteran

Memorial Day 2015

Category: 2015, Values, Veterans

As you listen to the politicians waving the flag on Memorial Day, remember our veterans died with the belief that their nation cared and is responsible for the men and women who fight our wars and that they would receive the nation’s full support when they return. Especially when they come home with physical and […]

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May 28, 20153

Stupidity Versus Common Sense

Category: 2014, Common Sense, Values

Dumb and Dumber #2 was the highest grossing movie last week in United States. The architect of Obamacare revealed that he was counting on the stupidity of the American voter when he designed the method to pass the law. A former Federal prosecutor remarked about the method by which Grand jurors are selected:” You have […]

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Nov 21, 20143

Consequences of the New GNP Standards to Come

Category: 2014, Economics, Values

I had a call from Ezio. I was quite surprised since I have not heard from him since we last attended years ago the reunion of the SSFS at the Eden Roc on the Riviera. He wanted to come see me, to get me involved in a new venture he was starting.  I told him […]

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Jun 18, 20143

The Life of John Blank

Category: 2006, Life, Values

He took a stroll and bought a package of lined, white paper, and a pen with a box of refills. It was early evening as he sat down at his desk. He took the first of the 100 sheets and wrote on top “My Life” by John Blank. He underlined “My Life” and sat back. […]

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May 1, 20063