Seventy Years Ago

Category: 2015, PTSD, War

May 8, 1945. Every day is an ending of the past and leaves too quickly, as it becomes a new beginning – tomorrow. Yet some days leave a footprint in our hearts and minds and we never, ever will be the same. May 8, 1945 was such a day but in Hungary “1945. május 8-a” […]

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May 19, 20153
Winter War

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Category: 2014, PTSD, War

Cold weather brings on memories. To some they are pleasant memories of skating, snow balls, skiing and sitting around a warm fireplace. To others who suffered through wars in winter it is a memory of despair and terror. Ask a survivor of the Korean War, the Holocaust or the Battle of the Bulge and they […]

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Jan 12, 20143