Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall…

A distorting mirror or carnival mirror is a popular attraction at carnivals and fairs. Instead of a normal plane mirror that reflects a perfect mirror image, distorting mirrors are curved mirrors, often using convex and concave sections to achieve the distorted effect. Looking at, and through the 2013 mirror, I realize that times have changed. […]

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Oct 18, 20163

Obama on Life Insurance: Labor Day 2015

THIS IS THE TRANSCRIPT OF A SPEECH TO BE GIVEN BY THE PRESIDENT ON LABOR DAY 2015. My fellow Americans, Ever since I was a community organizer I always wondered how life insurance companies could build their magnificent office towers and pay large salaries to their executives. It did not take me long to find […]

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Jul 15, 20153
Vladimir Putin

Putin’s Next Move

Category: 2014, Leaders

Russia’s Putin said that the fall of the Soviet Union was a geopolitical disaster. He dedicated his life to reestablish the Russian sphere of influence in the territories off the former Soviet Union.  During his extensive training as a KGB officer he had to become a master chess player. Few people are aware the Soviet […]

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Jul 23, 20143
Hillary Clinton

On Hillary Clinton’s Health and Iran

Category: Leaders

Dec.30, 2012 (Reuters) – A small US commercial plane has been stuck in Iran for nearly three weeks after making an emergency landing near the city of Ahvaz, the country’s airports director said on Sunday. The plane was forced to land because of technical problems, Mahmoud Rasoulinejad said, quoted by the Mehr news agency.” After landing, the crew […]

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May 15, 20143

Think you know Saul Alinsky? Think again.

Category: Leaders, Mass Movements

For months I have been receiving deliberate misquotes of the Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. I keep sending messages that the quotations are false and stupid, to no avail. It is time that I resend some material I wrote last year about Alinsky. Facts are stranger than fiction. It should open some eyes and give you […]

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Apr 30, 20143
Billionaire investor Soros speaks at a forum during the annual IMF-World Bank meetings in Washington

What Made George Soros Who He Is?

Category: 2010, Leaders

When George was just a teenager he had experiences that no teenager has ever had. It has been published that he was using false papers prepared by his father, who was a well-connected and shrewd attorney in Budapest. These papers proved that George was not Jewish and his father was able to have George assist […]

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Jul 19, 20103
Sinking Titanic

From the Deck of the Titanic

Category: 2009, Economics, Leaders

Forgive me for not visiting with you more often, but I am so busy that I barely have time to relax here on the upper deck. There is a full moon and I hear howling from steerage. I am ready to join the pack and howl at the moon, waiting for a leader to emerge […]

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Aug 19, 20093
Király Béla

Death of a General

Category: 2009, Leaders, Military

A Hungarian military officer died and his name brought back lost memories. Béla Király is the best example why labels don’t work to describe people. He was fighting along the German Army against the Russians in World War II; he was major general of the Hungarian army under the communists; he was sentenced to death […]

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Jul 29, 20093

The True Believer

When I wrote this article one year ago in July of 2008, I did not disclose the name of the book where I found these instructions that were literally followed by the Obama campaign. I have long wondered how and why Barack Obama was picked for the role he is now playing and what are […]

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Jul 18, 20093
George W. Bush

Freedom, Equality, and Hate

We live in freedom and we believe that it is an ideal environment for the human spirit and that freedom is the ultimate expression of human desire. Living in freedom, however, is not an effortless life. It places the responsibility for success in life on the individual. Obviously some will succeed and some will not, […]

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Jul 1, 20043