Ronnie Earle

The Criminal Justice System is Corrupted

Category: 2010, Corruption, Justice

A few years ago I was Chairman of the Harris County Grand Jury Association and tried to make some small steps to eliminate blatant misuse of the Criminal Justice System. I wrote and argued and sent petitions all in vain to eliminate one of the most flagrant abuses that not only discredits the Justice System, […]

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Aug 13, 20143
Scales of Justice

Criminal Justice System

Category: 2005, Corruption, Justice

LETTER TO THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE IN RESPONSE TO THEIR EDITORIAL ON JULY 11, 2005 Your editorial “State of Injustice” concludes: “Absent, amid the discovery of repeated and extensive miscarriages of justice, is a sense of public outrage and shame that our justice system could be so permissive of wrong and so indifferent to right.” A careful […]

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Jul 10, 20053