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When someone reaches my age there are stories to tell about the good old days. There are also stories about the bad times and the lessons to be learned from them. Unfortunately it is a basic human tendency not to learn from other people’s mistakes, or from history because we all live with a built […]

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Jan 5, 20163

Consequences of the New GNP Standards to Come

Category: 2014, Economics, Values

I had a call from Ezio. I was quite surprised since I have not heard from him since we last attended years ago the reunion of the SSFS at the Eden Roc on the Riviera. He wanted to come see me, to get me involved in a new venture he was starting.  I told him […]

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Jun 18, 20143
Sinking Titanic

From the Deck of the Titanic

Category: 2009, Economics, Leaders

Forgive me for not visiting with you more often, but I am so busy that I barely have time to relax here on the upper deck. There is a full moon and I hear howling from steerage. I am ready to join the pack and howl at the moon, waiting for a leader to emerge […]

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Aug 19, 20093
Federal Reserve

Innocence Lost: Part 2

I recently read a shocking book: THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND. By the time I was finished I had a new bird’s eye view of the banking system. I had so many unanswered questions before reading the book, but I no longer had problems with the answers. Most questions to me now sound like the […]

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Aug 11, 20093