Ronnie Earle

The Criminal Justice System is Corrupted

Category: 2010, Corruption, Justice

A few years ago I was Chairman of the Harris County Grand Jury Association and tried to make some small steps to eliminate blatant misuse of the Criminal Justice System. I wrote and argued and sent petitions all in vain to eliminate one of the most flagrant abuses that not only discredits the Justice System, […]

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Aug 13, 20143
Federal Reserve

Innocence Lost: Part 2

I recently read a shocking book: THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND. By the time I was finished I had a new bird’s eye view of the banking system. I had so many unanswered questions before reading the book, but I no longer had problems with the answers. Most questions to me now sound like the […]

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Aug 11, 20093
Tomato Plant

Innocence Lost: Part I

I hate to do this to you, but you must share with me a bit of lost innocence that I still nurtured at my old age. This has to do with farming and food. I discovered an “organic” farm not far from my ranch. Three people farming a small tract of land produced a variety […]

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Aug 7, 20093
Scales of Justice

Criminal Justice System

Category: 2005, Corruption, Justice

LETTER TO THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE IN RESPONSE TO THEIR EDITORIAL ON JULY 11, 2005 Your editorial “State of Injustice” concludes: “Absent, amid the discovery of repeated and extensive miscarriages of justice, is a sense of public outrage and shame that our justice system could be so permissive of wrong and so indifferent to right.” A careful […]

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Jul 10, 20053
Trans-Texas Corridor

The Texas Corridor Scam

ADDING INSULT TO INJURY While you are reading about the coming of the Texas Corridor, you may not realize that as of last July the Texas Supreme Court made the condemnation of your property not only easy but it made sure that you will not get a fair price for it. (Hubenak v. San Jacinto […]

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Jun 29, 20053
Vito Marcantonio

Undermining the Value of U.S. Citizenship

Category: 2003, Corruption, Leaders

What was once a most desired and illustrious citizenship has become a laughingstock due to manipulations by power hungry politicians. In the 1950s a Communist member of Congress, Vito Marcantonio, representing Harlem in New York was continuously re-elected. Before every election he would import thousands of Puerto Ricans to Harlem. They came by the planeload […]

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Sep 16, 20033