So Spake Zarathustra the Geomancer

Category: 2009, Belief, Values

When Zarathustra arrived at the city, he saw an assembly of people gathered in a large arena listening and dancing to loud music. The crowd parted as he walked among them, observing his weird robe and remarkable shaft. Soon he stood under the bright lights on stage and the music stopped. “Speak, speak! O, Zarathustra,” […]

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Jul 15, 20153
Living Headstone

The New Way of Dying

Category: 2009, Death, Life

In my autobiography (The Vision) death and last words of people facing death are often discussed. On his deathbed Heinrich Heine, the German poet was asked if he expects to be forgiven by God. His answer: “Dieu me pardonnera. C’est son metier.” [God will pardon me. It is his trade.] These were the same words […]

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Dec 9, 20093
Gold Coins

What a Gold Coin Means to Me

Category: 2009, Finance

I learned by the time I was 10 years old that when you dig in the ground you’ll find old Roman coins and you can sell them to the museum for a lot of money. One day I found a gold coin and it got me a new bicycle and a month’s worth of candy and ice cream. I […]

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Oct 16, 20093
1948 Israel War

Israel: I Can Tell You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You

Category: 2009, Israel, War

My first section dealt with the creation of the state of Israel and the role of blackmail. I did not intend to follow up the story, but I received numerous comments asking me, what other historical facts do I know that may be hidden from common knowledge. I felt stymied for lack of reason why […]

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Oct 13, 20093

The Chicago Conman, Selling Health Insurance

Category: 2009, Conmen

The year was 1952 and I was waiting for a bus in front of the Shamrock hotel, because my car was in the repair shop. A 4 holer Buick, with Illinois license plates drove up and a gentleman offered me a ride. He introduced himself as being an insurance executive out of Chicago trying to […]

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Sep 10, 20093
Sinking Titanic

From the Deck of the Titanic

Category: 2009, Economics, Leaders

Forgive me for not visiting with you more often, but I am so busy that I barely have time to relax here on the upper deck. There is a full moon and I hear howling from steerage. I am ready to join the pack and howl at the moon, waiting for a leader to emerge […]

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Aug 19, 20093
Federal Reserve

Innocence Lost: Part 2

I recently read a shocking book: THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND. By the time I was finished I had a new bird’s eye view of the banking system. I had so many unanswered questions before reading the book, but I no longer had problems with the answers. Most questions to me now sound like the […]

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Aug 11, 20093
Tomato Plant

Innocence Lost: Part I

I hate to do this to you, but you must share with me a bit of lost innocence that I still nurtured at my old age. This has to do with farming and food. I discovered an “organic” farm not far from my ranch. Three people farming a small tract of land produced a variety […]

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Aug 7, 20093
Király Béla

Death of a General

Category: 2009, Leaders, Military

A Hungarian military officer died and his name brought back lost memories. Béla Király is the best example why labels don’t work to describe people. He was fighting along the German Army against the Russians in World War II; he was major general of the Hungarian army under the communists; he was sentenced to death […]

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Jul 29, 20093

The True Believer

When I wrote this article one year ago in July of 2008, I did not disclose the name of the book where I found these instructions that were literally followed by the Obama campaign. I have long wondered how and why Barack Obama was picked for the role he is now playing and what are […]

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Jul 18, 20093