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On Opinions: Informed vs. Uninformed

Category: 2001, Belief

You are lucky if you hear these words. Most people simply state their opinion as fact and dare you to challenge it. The fact, however, is that everybody has opinions, is entitled to them, is free to express them and even act on them. Forming opinions is a natural process. We are constantly doing it […]

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Nov 1, 20013
Tibby and Donald

How to Survive the 9/11 War

Category: 2001, Authoritarianism

Advice from the author of The Vision: A Candid Autobiography of a Survivor of Nazi and Communist Oppression Houston, TX. – September 21, 2001 The Vision,┬áthe First PrizeWinner of the Authorlink! Award for Biographies, has just been published. T.W. TIBBY WESTON is a survivor of WWII, the Holocaust and a former guerilla fighter. His brief […]

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Sep 21, 20013